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Portrait of Jelena Fiala

Photo: Renata Karymova

Take a look inside the creative process


Video: Ivan Novikov, Renata Karymova

About the designer

Jelena studied fashion design in Russia. She graduated with distinction and underwent further training and education in Central Europe. She has worked as an illustrator and art director for renowned international clients in the sectors of advertising and filmmaking.

When Jelena first visited Vienna in 2008, she was so overwhelmed by the marvellous capital city of the former Empire that she decided to stay here. The ever-growing love for the city in combination with her passion for fine fabrics led her to the idea of creating silk scarves, which are meant to be ambassadors of Vienna and its timeless beauty – so the label Jelena Fiala was born.

The production of our packaging at Herz&Co, Vienna


Video: Alina Matevosova

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